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Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer by Zoom

Khris Erickson, CPDT, SA Pro

Not only do I love dogs, but I care about their people too!

I know how frustrating and helpless it can feel when your dog’s behavior makes your life difficult. I am passionate about using my dog training and behavior knowledge to help you improve your life, as well as improve the well-being of your dog.

As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge

Assessed (CPDT-KA), I have worked with countless dogs and their owners over the last 20 years helping them with manners training, as well as counseling on behavior concerns. After working with me, my clients and their dogs are able to enjoy their relationship, and my clients have tools they can use to problem solve future dog related issues.

My certification as a Separation Anxiety Professional (SA Pro) gives me the expertise to help clients whose dogs are suffering during owner absences.  

As a dog separation anxiety expert I am able to work with clients that are desperate to get their lives back and need help with anxiety in dogs that cannot be left alone. 

If you want to find out how to stop your dog howling when left alone, and need help because your dog is destructive and you can't handle coming home yet another mess, I would love to work with you!

I am a separation anxiety dog trainer in Wisconsin located between Waukesha and Madison, but because I work virtually I can help you no matter where you are in the US. 


With my separation anxiety training services I can help give your dog separation anxiety relief.


I found Khris to be extremely helpful in my Separation Anxiety training with Sophie. She provided many resources and was reassuring and supportive in the desensitization process.


I would highly recommend her.

Susan L.

Khris was great, an excellent resource for separation anxiety! She breaks down the daunting task of desensitization and makes the entire process doable. Highly recommend!

Alex B.

Overall it has been a huge relief to have some of my freedom back, and know that he's not annoying my neighbors while I'm gone!

Ben T.

Khris has helped us train several dogs over the last 10+ years with great results. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and most importantly the dogs love her. Highly recommended!

Cassie G.

Khris worked with our dog Mabel when she was around 6 months old to help her overcome her nerves and anxiety. Mabel quickly trusted Khris and flourished under her training. Khris taught both Mabel and, maybe more importantly, me, life altering skills for helping our girl thrive in the big scary world. I would absolutely recommend Khris to anyone that is looking for a qualified, educated and caring dog trainer that uses only positive reinforcement.

Kelcy B.

Khris was extremely pleasant to work with, and her training methods were very effective for us and our puppy. She sets clear expectations and is realistic about the training process. She is gentle and kind with dogs, and I highly recommend her and her services.

Morgan M.

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