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Yes it can,

and I can help! 

Can dog separation anxiety be cured? 

I take clients from anywhere in the USA. All consultations and coaching are done by Zoom.

My separation anxiety dog training support will help your dog feel content when left alone, while giving you freedom to leave them behind. Together we can cure your dog's separation anxiety!

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"I've had him 2.5 years and not been able to leave him alone for any significant periods of time (that would allow me to do something productive!) without howling, barking or soiling ever!!"

"Desperate to get my life back and be able to see friends without having to get a babysitter!"

"My girl literally could NOT be without people. Didn't matter who it was, she just couldn't be alone (even with another dog present). I was at my wits end after multiple classes, training sessions, and very unhappy neighbors."

If these quotes sound like something you could say, your dog most likely is suffering from separation distress. You may be trying to find out how to deal with dogs with separation anxiety. 

What are signs of dog separation anxiety

Dogs with separation anxiety symptoms may include: 

  • Dog barks constantly when left alone

  • Whining, and howls when alone

  • Urination and/or defecation when you're gone if otherwise house trained

  • Vomiting

  • Drooling

  • Constant Pacing / unable to settle down

  • Destructive behaviors such as chewing, digging and scratching

  • Attempts at escape of your home

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Why I do what I do

  • I love dogs

but it’s not as simple as that...


  • I’m excited to learn about dog behavior and training. If there’s a dog training webinar, seminar or conference I’m there! There’s always something new to learn and I want to know it all!

But that’s not enough…


  • I see families struggling to get their dogs to become the dogs they deserve. I want to help dogs with separation anxiety symptoms, and I know as a separation anxiety specialist with my experience, skills and knowledge I can help make that happen.

That’s why I do this work! 

Dog trainer in Wisconsin 

Khris Erickson

I’ve been a professional dog trainer for 20 years and working with dogs and their families is my passion. I find extremely satisfying to use my knowledge and expertise helping people train their dogs to be well mannered members of their family.

I work hard to continue my education as dog training is ever changing. It allows me to know what methods will be most effective and humane.

Additionally my experience working with dogs in resolving not just poor manners but also many different types of behavior issues, has given me extensive experience. I am knowledgeable about the best way to work with a variety of personality types from Nervous Nelly to Overly-Confident Charlie. I also have experience working with many different breeds and breed mixes.

My SA Pro certification was obtained after I went through an immersive course on separation anxiety in dogs and learned not only best methodology to resolve the issue, but the science behind it. My expertise allows me to know what can help with separation anxiety in dogs. It is tremendously rewarding helping clients and their dogs who suffer with separation anxiety.


As a separation anxiety dog trainer I know I can help resolve separation anxiety in dogs when left alone. I know how to deal with dogs with separation anxiety, and it's rewarding to see a dog who is panicking when their owner leaves transform into a dog who can relax when by themselves after going through the separation anxiety dog training plan! 

When dogs have separation anxiety it may cause an owner to be frustrated because your dog barks constantly when left alone or howls, your dog is destructive when left alone, or hurts themselves. It breaks your heart that your dog cries when left alone. You might be wondering if you’ll ever be able to leave your dog to go out to dinner or even just run out for a quick grocery shopping trip.

Whether your dog has true separation anxiety, fear of missing out, or frustration, I am confident I can help with anxiety in dogs that struggle coping when you’re gone.

On-line Consultation
Dog Training to Help with Separation Anxiety 

Technology has made huge changes to how dog trainers and owners cure separation anxiety. My separation anxiety dog training packages are all held remotely through Zoom, which means I can work with clients anywhere in the USA!  Although I am located in Wisconsin, I have had clients as far away as

New York.

Remote separation anxiety dog training is the most effective way to connect with clients who have dogs suffering from anxiety when alone, since I need to evaluate how the dog does when no-one is there. With online dog training. separation anxiety can be treated through the use of cameras. I can clearly watch the dog’s behavior after the owner walks out the door and determine the best course of action.

I can help you learn how to treat dog separation anxiety; solutions are available for you and your dog!

If you aren’t tech savvy don’t worry. I can walk you through the process and help you set-up what you’ll need.

Dog Behavior Evaluation

All my separation anxiety dog training packages start with an initial consultation. This allows me to get a good case history on your dog, find out what you’ve already tried and any difficulties you may have had. I can also learn about your family’s routine and set-up of your home, which allows me to come up with a game plan.

During this consultation we’ll do a live dog behavior assessment to find out what your dog’s level of discomfort is with your leaving. It helps me determine if your dog truly has separation anxiety, or if it’s fear of missing out or frustration.

Dogs with separation anxiety symptoms vary in the way their separation anxiety case presents, so the consultation gives me the specific picture of your dog’s issue. All of this information allows me to make recommendations, and give me a starting point in creating a separation anxiety dog training plan.

After the consultation I will email a report with a written summary of our meeting, as well as a link to the video of the meeting. You’ll receive handouts about the training, as well as the first specific step-by-step absence training exercise created for your dog.

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SA Pro app

Separation Anxiety Dog Training Process
How to deal with dogs with separation anxiety symptoms

The training process involves a scientifically based method of desensitization dog training. But don’t worry that it will be difficult to do, and I will help you!

With this method we will start at the time length of time that your dog is capable of being calm when you are gone. We will gradually build up the amount of time you’re gone in such small increments that your dog never feels anxious or stressed.

It is important to prevent your dog from feeling anxious during your absence when we are going through the training program. It is strongly advised that you find ways to prevent your dog being alone during the training program. While I realize that this creates a tremendous number of difficulties for most people, I can help you come up with some ideas to make this a reality.


You can't leave your dog home alone?

If you feel that setting up a routine so that your dog has someone there 24/7 will be impossible, I will be happy to work with you. Please be aware that this will impact your dog’s success rate and the separation anxiety dog training plan will not be as effective.

SA Pro Training App

Get your training plan right on the app! You can make notes about your dog’s behavior during the training steps, and indicate the success of the training exercise.

  • A graph of your dog’s progress will show you how far you’ve both come.

  • Seeing visual proof of your dog’s improvement is extremely encouraging!

  • The app is also a great way to motivate you to schedule training into your routine. If social connections are important to you, the app can allows you to connect with other users to get support from families who know first-hand what you’re going through.  And you’ll receive badges for hitting goals and for your dog’s achievements!

15 minute free consultation



Do you have questions about how to deal with dogs with separation anxiety?


You’re not sure if this training will work for your situation?


Sign up for a FREE 15 minute Zoom consultation and I will be able to give you additional information about the program to help you make the decision about if this is right for you!

Free Consultation
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