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Khris Erickson

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Join date: Dec 8, 2021


Not only do I love dogs, but I care about their people too!

I know how frustrating and helpless you can feel when your dog’s behavior makes your life difficult. I am passionate about using my dog training and behavior knowledge to help you improve your life, as well as improve the well-being of your dog.

I have worked with countless dogs and their owners over the last 20 years helping them with manners training, as well as counseling on behavior concerns. After working with me, my clients and their dogs are able to enjoy their relationship, and my clients have tools they can use to problem solve future dog related issues.

My certification as a Separation Anxiety Professional gives me the expertise to help clients whose dogs are suffering from owner absences. I am able to help clients that are desperate to get their lives back from dogs that cannot be left alone without experiencing panic.

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